Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Edinburgh Bound

My work is now on it's merry little way to beautiful Edinburgh

for this:

this shit's gunna be TIGHT!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The many faces of Santana

super tight summer fete

On saturday we had a stall at the East London Printmakers summer fete. It was such a lovely day, there was sun, bros, ciders, games and dudes.

We sold our bits and also ran a memory game, we made paper maché shapes and covered them with a cloth, contestants had 10 seconds to see what was under the cloth and then draw what they could remember. A few teams conquered the game and we had some good runners up/runner ups(?), so some lucky people may be receiving a print in the post soon, thanks if you came down and said hi, took part or thought about us. Thanks to Nick Morley for getting us involved, and also props to the giant lino cut that was printed using a steam roller on the day!


Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Last night Hannah and I totally slayed some Ethiopian food, we made Ethiopian pancakes (injera) a couple of lentil dishes, one spiced with 'Beberé' a pretty intense spice mix and a coconut milk mash potato. Pretty dangerous stuff.

A couple of nights ago I wrote a poem,

And so and so and so and so
He thought and thought and thought,
I wish I had more time for thinking,
More time for sport,
More time for reading
and swimming in rivers, lakes and ponds,
More time for writing words
to as yet unfinished songs.

"But this want is good my dear,
I would far prefer to fear
The passing of time, than to hold on
To times passed too dear."

Monday, 12 July 2010

This shit's GOLD

Did some lino cutting and printing for a big group show at the lovely Analogue Books in Edinburgh that I am super stoked to part of, it'll be up in April, more photos soon. This is the biggest lino undertaking I have done to date, A2 print in black and GOLD!