Wednesday, 27 October 2010


A couple of costume designs I want to make in the very near future.

Firstly, a kind of shallow wing/cape/t-shirt and hat that I would wear to perform in Now Owl.

And secondly, my potential Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos costume. A mask and t-shirt of Pedro Infante, a Mexican film super star who died flying his own plane I believe.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Sights and Sounds

I am super stoked to be a part of this:

"The first volume of The LPP Exhibit Series is Sights + Sounds in which the themed subject is based on the visual artist who makes sound and music. In addition to providing a piece for the visual exhibition, the artist has a song or sound bite included with the booklet on a cassette tape. One page is designated for text, which is left open-ended and at the artist’s discretion (bio, prose, poem, lyrics to song, etc). The other page are the visual aids either directly or conceptually connected with their sound piece. The third part of the exhibition is an online component. We have a virtual feed where the artist can post other elements that cannot fit into the book or cassette. This gives artists an additional platform to expand their ideas in the immaterial form of the Internet. The artist can present video, installation shots, photography, etc.

In addition to providing a piece for the visual exhibition in this booklet, the artist will also record a song or sound bite on a cassette tape. The booklet will be comprised of any visual aids either directly or conceptually connected with the sound pieces. The third part of the exhibition will have an online component. Our digital feed will give each artist an additional platform to expand their ideas in the immaterial form of the internet and present performances and installation shots."

Read more about it here
Some photos of the book:

This is my image, that went alongside a new recording and a new piece of writing

The digital feed is here

Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Bike

Sitting in the cafe he cannot stop thinking about the bike. The coffee gives him a headache and noises seem closer than they are. He thinks how mortified at some point must have meant something different.

A black piece of fabric drapes over the drum kit. Not to hide, to restrict. Four cymbals like varying sizes of coolie hats or wide brimmed bowlers, hang from a makeshift frame. Thick rope holds them to a crossbar and they dangle rather shoddily, as if from a child's mobile of the solar system, where every planet is surrounded by brass rings. Although there is no movement in this miniature galaxy. They sit suspended so still and silent. Their stillness emphasised by their silence. The piano, also covered sits still under mustard yellow canvas and black material patterned with large turquoise and white stepped triangles.

As the coffee cools he cannot stop thinking about the bike. He receives an e-mail saying the toothpaste got there. She can now brush her teeth in hospital, he pictures her smile and for a second he stops thinking about the bike.

Raising his head up and slightly to the right he tries to picture the glasses he tried on two weeks ago. He damns his power of imagination for failing in being able to construct faces. Faces he knows well that still evade him, lacking in the nuances and subtleties of topology and movement that make it that face.

As hunger begins to feed in he cannot stop thinking about the bike, and the bag of half eaten bombay mix back at the studio. The brand new, freshly unsheathed sketch book and still shop sharp pencil lay untouched on the table, because he cannot stop thinking about the bike. And the truck. And the police men. And he feels like he should go. Back to the studio, to eat, look at her smile, and try and forget about the bike.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Frosted Snakes

Recently installed this show/commission. 'Frosted Snakes', a collection of prints (screenprints, risographs, lino cuts and giclee prints) by myself Nicolas and Jay (Nous Vous), installed in Aspen Ltd building on Fenchurch Street as part of their personal collection.

Some are available for purchase in very small editions (3 or 5). Get in touch if you are interested.

More photos of the install and details of the prints on my flickr.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Last week

Last week was the first 'Bro-Case' in London. It was the first coming together of Hair-Piece acts Glaciers and Now Owl and new kids YAYYEI. It was also the debut performance of YAYYEI (myself and Laurence's pop drone and moan) and Now Owl. We made three bands out of three people. I guess it was also the first gig of Glacier in this formation. A first of firsts. More soon. Bro time

Hair-Piece are:

(a couple o goons)

Now Owl:

Also we trecked over to Bristol for the opening of the Howies illustration show at the Howies store. It's on for a month and it looks amazing, Thanks to David Sparshott and Nick Saunders for sorting it. Good stuffs.

solo goon: