Monday, 4 October 2010

Last week

Last week was the first 'Bro-Case' in London. It was the first coming together of Hair-Piece acts Glaciers and Now Owl and new kids YAYYEI. It was also the debut performance of YAYYEI (myself and Laurence's pop drone and moan) and Now Owl. We made three bands out of three people. I guess it was also the first gig of Glacier in this formation. A first of firsts. More soon. Bro time

Hair-Piece are:

(a couple o goons)

Now Owl:

Also we trecked over to Bristol for the opening of the Howies illustration show at the Howies store. It's on for a month and it looks amazing, Thanks to David Sparshott and Nick Saunders for sorting it. Good stuffs.

solo goon:

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