Sunday, 27 March 2011

Empty Vessels

Pots I have thrown and painted up and put up for sale at Pick Me Up in our 'Fresh Ones' space. Want to do more with pottery, especially in terms of making them illustrative, attempting to tell some kind of narrative using the object as a vessel itself (!). Definitely works in progress of a working process.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Ones of Ones

I've done a couple of sessions with It's Nice That for their 'One Of One' live drawing event. It's been super nice

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Drawing Times

Yesterday we made musical instruments in our little champ workshop, I made a horn.

I had my first drawing spell with It's Nice that. I drew some dark characters, some lighter characters and Tove. It was super nice to actually sit down and complete some drawings, probably the first time in about two months I've done that. Good to turn some sketch book work into some real deals. I'm back on it Friday afternoon.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

This day

I'm at residence in our Fresh Ones room at Pick Me Up and very nice it is too. Our room certainly has a chilled out vibe and it makes a nice space to hang and draw and chat in. I've been doing a bit of drawing practice as I'm also taking part in It's Nice That's 'One Of One' live drawing event, on Wednesday afternoon and Friday afternoon, so say hi if you;re passing through that time.

Also wanted to show off the pots that I've thrown and decorated specifically for our Fresh Ones shop. It's something I want to do a lot more of, I'm really excited to see how I can use the object as a narrative device and canvas for my drawings. They are available now at our shop at Pick Me Up.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Print Okushon

Bid on and buy one of my 'Do Something Good' prints, to do some good,

Part of Print Okushon, where there are loads of other really great prints by great people, so if you don't like that one, buy another one!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Fresh News

PICK ME UP is open!

We're running a project called 'Fresh Ones' - creating one-off, hand-crafted objects for everyday living. There will be a limited range of blank objects, such as pots, book-ends, dolls, paper-weights, tote bags & t-shirts, which we will be hand embellishing in our shaker style workshop. We also have a set of special items; Pumps, Throw, Cap, Ukelele & Vase that we have got some friends to make for us. Participants include; Espen Friberg & Jessica Williams, Qubik & Workshop, Nathaniel Russell &, Tom Hudson. Matt Hodson will also be joining us Sat 19th painting a lovely vase.

Come Say hello!

We'll be documenting all our activity regularly over the week here.

Pick Me Up Website

Kibbo Kift is soon!

This will be the first show of my new band, alongside Nicolas of Nous Vous and Glaciers and Laurence of Yayyei and The BRoken Chairs.

It will be a revelry of music, poetry & art

Performing: Glow-Wing, Nick White & Andrew Rae, Yule Bringer and Supermundane + Kibbo Kift Chorus

Djing: Marcus Oakley, Nervous Stephen, Dudley Smarts + Kibbo Kifters
+ Zineswap stall

£5 (in advance) £6 on the door
Saturday April 9th 2011 5pm - 2am
The Victoria, 451 Queenbridge Road, Dalston E8 3AS

Doors are at 5pm with the first act on at 6pm. Djing from 10:30pm - 2am

More info here

The Joy of Living!

We got asked to be a part of this show,for which I completed a piece. We went to the opening and it was a lovely affair, it felt great to be a part of the project and our piece sold. Lovely! Thanks to whoever bought it!

I will reveal my piece after the show finishes as all designs are remaining anonymous at present.

Joy of Living
is a charity project that unites over 100 leading lights in the design community to galvanise support for Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres. Design author Max Fraser has set the challenge to a cross-section of new and established UK designers to create a desirable artwork that expresses the Joy of Living – all starting from a simple sheet of A4 graph paper. The signed works will be exhibited and on sale in London’s inspiring space for art, culture and creative exchange, Somerset House, from 15 – 21 March.

Tic Toc Pop Up Shop

Efdeay Collective have popped up a pop up shop by St Pancras station in London. They asked me, alongside a whole host of illustrators to contribute so you can buy the print below as an A3 riso. Get down there.

More info here

Monday, 7 March 2011

I had a cold

Now I'm back in my window in the sun, discovering things that disprove assumptions. good day.x

Friday, 4 March 2011

Lilys in the sun

It's been a while since I actually posted up any things I've been doing so thought I'd give the potentially interested few a glimpse into my poo. I've been painting, making things out of felt and clay and wood. Thanks. Have a lovely weekend and if you can sit in a window in the sun and listen to 'Scott Free' by the Lilys, or anything by Galaxie 500. x

I dreamt we were in a wood and it was bright and the sunlight navigated through the trees and our feet rested in the water and the sun lay on our knees and it was warm for the first time in the year and it gave life to our limbs and we knew spring was nearly here