Tuesday, 22 March 2011

This day

I'm at residence in our Fresh Ones room at Pick Me Up and very nice it is too. Our room certainly has a chilled out vibe and it makes a nice space to hang and draw and chat in. I've been doing a bit of drawing practice as I'm also taking part in It's Nice That's 'One Of One' live drawing event, on Wednesday afternoon and Friday afternoon, so say hi if you;re passing through that time.

Also wanted to show off the pots that I've thrown and decorated specifically for our Fresh Ones shop. It's something I want to do a lot more of, I'm really excited to see how I can use the object as a narrative device and canvas for my drawings. They are available now at our shop at Pick Me Up.

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Rand Renfrow said...

whoa, those pots are awesome, and along the lines of the stuff i've been looking to make. so good.