Thursday, 19 June 2008


My first few days of no 'real' employment. I have probably spent
more time on the internet than for a long time, all in the nae of research and development obviously. I feel like I've emailed myself out now so going to actually try and make some work.
I have this bottle of rum staring at me

as I am taking part in an exhibition with Havana Club and Intercity Design that will be shown in London in July with some pretty great people (like Luke Best, Marion Deuchers, Paul Davies, Kid Acne, Ian Wright, Deanne Cheuk and loads more) so Im deciding what to do, and constantly trying to fend off the desire to drink it.

I ahve put a few new photos up on my Flickr and have updated the Vest For Tysso Myspace with new news and beautifully coloured typographic nastiness.

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