Monday, 17 May 2010

Hit Me Up

once again after failed promises of more regular blogging I finally find some time to catch up. In the past two months, I have half moved to London, in that I'm here, but have nowhere to live, although I do have a studio (with lots of lovely people, a group I'm super stoked to start being a part of - as soon as I get a desk). Pick Me Up came and went, it was great fun, and a fantastic chance to meet so many people, some finally in the flesh, some for the first time, all lovely.

Also despite reports that may suggest otherwise, my facial hair has not a hint of irony about it.

Picture courtesy of Hugh (Landfill/Manymono),
Pictured are members of Peepshow, Evening Tweed, Landfill, Print Club, Chris Pell and of course joined by fellow Nous Vous Nic

I'm in the process of sorting my website out which will soon have all this new stuff on to buy which was pretty much all made specially for Pick Me Up, new studio, new house, new site, new city...

2 colour A2 screen print
(yellow and super neon pink)
edition of 20

'Light Wake Walk Sleep'
zine produced to coincide with the Nous Vous show at Harewood House - 'Awesome Movement / Fantastic Motion'
edition of 50 (more spreads here)

2 colour screen print
145 x 185 mm
edition of 100

front/back (depending on mood) of double sided A3 poster
4 colour Risograph print on munken
edition of 50

edition of 10
s/m/l available

Have also put a few more things up on my flickr.

More things soon...

If you're in London and fancy meeting up for a coffee or a beer then Hit Me Up.

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