Friday, 14 January 2011

Pick of the pots


I've been going to a pottery class for a little while now. It's amazing. It's the most intuitively , therapeutically, spiritually rad thing i can do at the moment. It's about using your hands, cutting out our brain and using a purely aesthetic eye. It's about feeling something and in an instant knowing if it's right or wrong, cool or not. It's about making things that are instantly imbued with some worth because you made it. It's about doing something that people around the world have done in their own way for years, it's kinda a corner stone of civilisation. It's rad.


these are my pots. I've made three so far (not counting a whole heap of fails). I think the guy at the front is my favourite so far, in terms of the weighting and the shape. Now I have to think about glazing. I hope to integrate pottery a bit more into what I do, I'm working that out at the moment, at the moment it's just pure joy.

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