Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Excited to announce....

Colossal Space is a new personal curatorial project.

Colossal Space is a 55mm x 55mm x 95mm glass case exhibition space. A hand picked selection of artists are invited to use the space any way they desire. The installation or object can be something found or created. However, as important as the internal space, is the external. The exhibiting artist is asked to specify exactly where the exhibition space is placed. For the duration of a one day or night exhibition the space will be positioned in a place that is completely of the artist’s choosing. The expectation being that there is some dialogue between the internal and external, that both are considered with equal importance and that one enhances the other conversely.

When exhibitions will be held is up to the participating artist. On what day, for how long and at what time of the day adds further potential to artists to mould the environment of the show.

Each exhibition will have an opening and will be documented on a specific blog here.

Schedule so far:

April - Supermundane

Supermundane is the pseudonym of Rob lowe, a multi-disciplined creative who works
as a graphic designer, artist, illustrator, typographer, and art director in London, England.

May - Matthew the Horse

Matthew the Horse (Matt Hodson) is an illustrator based in Leeds. Matthew teaches, writes poetry, has started his own t-shirt label and regularly works on commissions for the Guardian among numerous others.

June - Dan Has Potential

Daniel Brereton is a video director and image maker based in London, by way of Kendal.

July - Jez Burrows

Jez Burrows is a 24-year-old designer, illustrator and forest enthusiast, based in Edinburgh. He is co-founder of independent press Sing Statistics, one fifth of collective Evening Tweed, and occasional contributor to design blog It’s Nice That.

August 1 - Jay Cover

Jay is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Artist from the Isle of Man. Currently living and working in Leeds. Jay uses a variety of methods & techniques to create a simple, effective & cohesive aesthetic. Jay aspires to design and build furniture and has a keen interest in Craft.

August 2 - Nicolas Burrows

Nicolas Burrows is an illustrator and artist living and working in London, UK.
His practice consists of drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, digital processes, writing and recording/performing music.

September - Nathaniel Russell

Nathaniel is an artist and musician based in Indianapolis, USA. He is extremely prolific and his simple and direct drawings appear on an almost daily basis.

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