Friday, 6 August 2010

1st of two things

I want to do something good to do some good.

I want to head up, initiate, collaborate over, work on or be part of a project that has some further reach outside the creative community. One that is definitely headed up by but has some either fleeting or longstanding effect on a local community or others that it would be good to get to know. People that otherwise it would not be likely that I would come into contact with.

Main elements I imagine this could include
  • creativity
  • food (preferably meat if not dairy free)
  • music
  • inclusive fun
If anyone feels like they would like to do something also please get in touch

come on, hit me up.x


AF said...

Want to start a local food not bombs?

food, yes. creativity, posters, flyers etc? music at outdoor kitchens?

Lori said...

Hey!Check this blog,this girl does some amazing ilustration ,lots of stuff related to art,brasil,music,colors..