Sunday, 5 September 2010

Seen recently

I visited the Pitt Rivers Museum and the Oxford Botanical Gardens a little while ago with Nicolas, Hugh and George. The Pitt Rivers is incredible, if almost completely overwhelming. A great, dimly lit room with balconies houses tens of tiered glass cases that collect anthropological oddities that span cultures and centuries, organised by practical use rather than by the people who made them. This results in creating a celebration of human development and resourcefulness rather than a cold study of a particular time or place.

The Botanical Gardens is also a fascinating place. I saw huge cacti, an abundance of succulents and beautiful cabbages (what colour even are they, some kind of green purple, my favourite vegetable, aesthetically, surely).

Afterwards we went for noodles, where I found this guy in what was meant to be my vegan dish.

Other potentially interesting things I have seen recently, but with less attachment to my working life include a beauty parlour where you can beautify your finger waving, the chub your dog will love and a super heavy log.

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